Queen Anne Restoration

If walls could talk! Historical renovations offer many challenges and surprises, but to have an opportunity to preserve and update an 1872 home was a dream come true. Modern updates such as radiant floor heating was a must.  However, maintaining the original integrity in keeping the wavy glass windows means putting on that extra sweater in the colder months. 

Evergreen Log Home

The clients found their perfect log home and worked with Monica to adorn the rooms with special details. 

The walls were upholstered with rich fabrics and textures. The lower- level game room included individually selected pieces, none of which matched, but all of which came together to give the room a unique, comfortable style.

Kitchen cabinetry and garage cabinets, doors and workshop by: Ritenis Woodworks, Greensboro, North Carolina

Industrial Mountain Home

This unique industrial-meets-mountain home was featured on HGTV’s Extreme Homes. Designed for “zero maintenance,” it is constructed from I-beams, tons of steel and concrete.

A Chalet in the Woods

This cute 2000 sf chalet was a throw-back from 1963. Although I loved being in a time capsule, the homeowners wanted to completely renovate this home into an eclectic-rustic forever home tucked in the woods.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchen and bathrooms offer the most dramatic updates and instant value to your home. If designed correctly (using quality cabinetry and finishes), your new makeover’s style will remain classic for decades. Use the trends in smaller accessories that can be changed out when the next fad arrives. 


Too much or too little? Design is an art and when putting together an entire room, creating a focal point or customizing a piece of furniture, it’s the detail that sets apart the plain from the extraordinary.